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Cottage Grove Home Remodeling Contractor

Yes, we have many contractor testimonials and reviews to offer. And we have many contracting services such as Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling.

So let us tell you a little about our local rich history so you too can see why we want to be your Cottage Grove Home Remodeling Contractor.

When Jen and Forrest first started dating Forrest had been working as a contractor for about 15 years. Jen on the other hand wasn’t afraid of hard work, but had spent most of her life working in the food service industry. The thought of physical work such as construction projects or jobs wasn’t something that Jen was unfamiliar with since her dad did many of the same projects around the house growing up. One of the first jobs Jen helped Forrest on happened to be one down in Cottage Grove. The job was at an apartment complex in downtown Cottage Grove. Castile Kitchen & Bath was doing small makeovers to many of the vacant units as well as some work on the outside of the building and parking lot. The crew was just about finished with this project, they had about one days work left before the job was finished. So, Forrest asks Jen if she wanted to come down to Cottage Grove with them to finish the job, since they could use a little extra help.

So the next day off Jen and the crew set off for Cottage Grove. As Jen and Forrest are sitting in the truck together Jen starts thinking about the day. “How hard can this be, it’s just a little bit of physical labor. I’ve got this, this isn’t going to be a big deal. Forrest said they were finishing this job today, we can’t be there for more than half the day. This is going to be easy.” Thirty minutes later we arrive at the apartment complex in Cottage Grove.

The guys started in with the work that needed to be done within the units. The vacant units were getting a full make over so there was still a fair amount of work that needed to be done to them. Since Jen really didn’t have any construction skills she started getting the guys tools and setting things up that they needed and following around behind them cleaning up. Things were going well, Jen thought, “they were on their last unit working away, we were going to be done about lunch time, we would need to clean up and then we could head home. This was easy anyone could do it, what was the big deal.” Little did she know what they would be done at lunch time if everyone kept working on the last unit together. What she didn’t know was that not only did those units need to be finished up but all the parking stops in the parking lot needed to be removed and replaced.

Since Jen had little to no experience in guess what job she was given to do. Parking Stops! If you didn’t know parking stops are extremely heavy so laying them out isn’t a easy task. And if you didn’t know you remove them with a sledge hammer and install them the same way or with a jack hammer. So needless to say Jen spent the whole day removing and replacing parking stops. Let’s just say this was not Jen’s typical type of work and thank goodness Forrest was there to help because it was a grueling job and we worked until after 5 o’clock, but we got it done. Ha, what a way to break Jen in to starting to learn the trade.

After we finished up at the apartment complex we all headed to Cottage Groves Axe and Fiddle Public House. We all ate some delicious food and listened to the band play into the night. If you haven’t been to the Axe and Fiddle we highly recommend you go next time your in Cottage Grove, it’s such a wonderful place and always a good time is to be had. Learn more about Cottage Grove here.

Castile Kitchen & Bath is happy to serve all of Cottage Grove and the zip code 97424. With Cottage Grove being just a 30 minute trip from Eugene we hope to have an opportunity to work with you. Not all the work we do is a grueling and tough as those parking stops were. We are a diverse company and can do it all but we would much rather helping you turn your house into your dream home. Castile Kitchen & Bath is Certified in Universal Design through the National Association of Remodelers (NARI). This furthers our commitment to helping design your Remodel vision to completion.