Design Process

Initial Client Design Consultation

  • Discuss the project goals and intended budget range.
  • Learn about your design interests, living style, and how the space will be used to determine if Castile Kitchen & Bath will be a good fit for the project.
  • Draft a written Design Agreement to allowing for a Thorough Discovery and Design Process to ensure meeting your goals.
  • You will be given access to a personal online portal to our Project Software where you can view, communicate with us, and collaborate on project development from design through completion.

Creating the Shape

  • Generate and revise 3 dimensional images based on your feedback to allow:
  • Best functional use of space.
  • Discover previously unseen design opportunities.
  • Represent your design objectives.

Choosing Primary Selections

  • The Four Primary Selections are Cabinetry, Countertops, Flooring, and Wall Surfaces.
  • Starting here allows the feel of the space to be created without being distracted by the many over-whelming details.
  • Primary selections tend to have the biggest impact on final project cost. Focusing here first allows our team to better keep the project on track financially.

Finalizing Secondary Selections

  • Secondary Selections consist of all other small design details including Lighting, Fixtures, Trim Details, and all final remaining options for your project.
  • Secondary Selections complete the look and function of the finished project.

Internal Team Review

  • A thorough review of your project by each team member who will be involved in your project, making sure that nothing is missed and that all the details will come together correctly.
  • Potential problems can be identified early, streamlining the project while in production.
  • This review ensures a full understanding of the work to allow us to deliver to you a Fixed Price Construction Agreement.

Comprehensive Construction Agreement

  • Rather than a bid or estimate, you are provided with a Fixed Price Construction Agreement, spelling out exactly what will be done and exactly what the work will cost.
  • This Construction Agreement also details how the work will be performed, provides images and specifications of products that will be installed, and how any issues will be resolved.