Jasper Home Remodeling Contractor

Yes, we have many contractor testimonials and reviews to offer. And we have many contracting services such as Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling.

So let us tell you a little about our local rich history so you too can see why we want to be your Jasper Remodeling Contractor.

As you drive Southeast, heading out of Springfield you will enjoy the sights of the South Fork of the Willamette River as it winds along Jasper Rd.

The little town of Jasper is located about 10 miles out of Springfield and has the best spot to start your inner tubing trip if you like to float the river. When Jen first moved to the Eugene/ Springfield area, she and a few girlfriends would float the Willamette often. They would drive up to Jasper park along side the river, walk across the street to the Jasper store to air up their inner tubes and buy a few snacks and drinks and then head down to the river to spend the afternoon floating the Willamette.

Now that Jen and Forrest have two small kids, driving up to Jasper to spend the day floating the river has become a thing of the past for the time being, but we still get to enjoy the sights along Jasper Rd. as we drive up to Fall Creek or over to Pleasant Hill from time to time.

Castile Construction, Inc. serves all areas of Jasper and the zip code 97455. We hope to have the opportunity to work for you and further enjoy the beautiful surrounding and view of the Willamette river. Learn more about Jasper’s parks and recreation here.

Castile Construction is Certified in Universal Design through the National Association of Remodelers (NARI). This furthers our commitment to helping design your Remodel vision to completion. Contact Castile Construction today to discuss us becoming your Jasper, Oregon Remodeling Contractor.  We welcome the opportunity to meet and work with our neighbors.