Creswell Home Remodeling Contractor

Yes, we have many contractor testimonials and reviews to offer. And we have many contracting services such as Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling.

So let us tell you a little about our local rich history so you too can see why we want to be your Creswell Remodeling Contractor.

When Jen and Forrest first began to date one of the most memorable moments was Forrest’s 33rd birthday. The April celebration. The two of them along with a large group of friends decided that since there were so many April birthdays, they would have a big birthday celebration for everyone born that month. It was decided that we would all drive down to Creswell and go sky diving. A group of about 15 of us headed down to Creswell first thing in the morning for a birthday adventure!

We all arrived at Eugene Skydivers which is located just off the freeway as you come into Creswell. As you can guess we were all a little bit nervous and a few of us decided they weren’t going to jump but would stay just to hang out and watch. It happened to be cloudy in Creswell that morning so of course they couldn’t take us up in the plane right away. There were two planes flying that morning and the arrangement two to a plane.

When there was a small break in the clouds, a few of us were rushed into the planes. Unfortunately, as they whisked Forrest away to one of the planes, not enough of us was ready to go. The answer was to load him up in one plane and another couple up in the other. Was it mentioned that Forrest is terrified of heights and not a fan of airplanes, let alone tiny tin canny ones! That was the last we saw of Forrest for the next few hours as he was flown away high above Creswell for his tiny instructor to shove him out of the airplane.

Finally Forrest returned to airport, white as a ghost letting us all know how terrible his experience was. We all laughed, but since we had all be waiting so long for the clouds to clear, the rest of us were determined to get out there and jump. When else are you going to pump yourself up to have this experience again?

The clouds soon broke again and it was Jens turn. Fortunately since we all had been standing around for the last few hours a bunch of us were ready to go. They put Jen and one of their good friends in a plane and up they went, high above Creswell. You know they say that you don’t feel like you’re falling once you jump out of the airplane? I wouldn’t exactly say that that was true. As I was wisping through the tiny tufts of clouds with my mouth open I could tell that I was falling through the sky and it was terrifying! Once the parachute opened, I must say it was an incredibly beautiful experience. One I would love to have again as long as I didn’t have to jump out of the airplane.

Not all experiences in Creswell, Oregon have to be like this… We’ve all heard the horror stories when it comes to hiring a remodel contractor, like jumping out of a plane, but with Castile Construction, Inc. it’s not like this. You can know exactly what to expect from us, and exactly what it will cost to complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel before we ever start the job! This is what it’s like to fly! Castile Construction is Certified in Universal Design through the National Association of Remodelers (NARI). This furthers our commitment to helping design your Remodel vision to completion.

Castile Construction, Inc. is happy to serve all of Creswell and the zip code 97426. Creswell is just a short drive from Eugene and we promise the thought of jumping out of another plane on the way to and from your job is not something that is not going to entice us at all. Learn more about Creswell here.

We have completed many beautiful kitchens in Creswell, and we hope to have a chance to help you build your dreams as well.

Contact Castile Construction today to discuss us becoming your Creswell Remodeling Contractor. We welcome the opportunity to meet and work with our neighbors.