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Portland Journal of Light Construction Conference

2017 conference with Jen Castile
Jen and Soraya

We recently attended the JLClive (Journal of Light Construction) conference in Portland. We enjoyed spending our time with fellow colleagues and leaders within the construction industry. We learned a lot over the three days of seminars that the conference had to offer and we were blessed to be featured in one of our mentors seminars “Taking your business to the next level”. In our work with Brand Launcher over the years we have been developing and understanding what the Castile brand has to offer.

Soraya Gutman, Partner at Brand Launcher has this to say of Castile Construction, “Honored to spend time today in Portland with our beloved client Jen Castile of Castile Construction. She is a leader in the industry; one of the most hard working & talented individuals I have ever met. We are grateful to Jen and Forrest Castile for their business and friendship.”