Deck Design Process

Castile Construction is a local Remodeling Contractor. On this page we introduce a recent Eugene Deck project we designed and completed.

Completed Deck Construction

Completed Deck from Castile Construction

When the home owners came to us to talk about their deck project their backyard was a space that they rarely used, a place for storage and of course, a place that still needed to be mowed. Once we started the design process, and started talking about their family’s needs and how they wanted to use their deck the design become clear. Now, this beautiful and inviting space adds a ton of usable space to this back yard, is low maintenance, and with the addition of the cover can be used even as the weather cools and the light rains come.

The top picture shows the completed job, but it began with a simple Sketch as shown below.

Deck Design by Eugene Contractor

Deck Design

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the finished product when you’re starting out with a design, so the following is what the yard looked like before Castile Construction, Inc. started their work.

Before the New Deck

Before the work began

Let’s take a look at some of the details of this project. The homeowners chose light colored composite Trex decking which we were able to install with concealed fasteners leaving the top of this deck sleek, smooth, and clean. The cover is made up of pressure treated wood as well as kiln dried lumber which is then topped with a Twin-wall Polycarbonate Roof Panel. This material features an air layer between the two pieces of polycarbonate that increases its strength, making it a powerful and strong roofing option.

Trex Deck Material

Trex Material used in this new deck

Twinwall Roof on New Deck

Twinwall Roof complete this new deck

Now that this project is completed the homeowners have a usable and inviting space in their back yard. This gives them plenty of room to play music and entertain friends!

Finished Deck Construction

Beautiful, extended outdoor space for this family

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