Meet Our Team

Forrest Castile, CKBR, UDPC | Owner

Forrest Castile

Forrest, a third generation craftsmen, has had a passion for building since he was a little boy. Born and raised in Oregon, he moved to Eugene in 1995. Forrest soon began working on many construction projects for his friends. In 1997, Forrest decided to start Castile Kitchen & Bath. His consistent strive for quality construction, high end craftsmanship and attention to detail, has allowed Forrest to produce beautiful work for his clients. As the years have gone by, Forrest has integrated the utmost importance of integrity and incomparable customer service within Castile Kitchen & Bath, creating a company known for quality while exceeding client expectations.

Forrest and his wife Jen have been married since 2008, and now have small kids Ben and Emma. He enjoys spending time playing with his kiddos, hiking, running, racquetball and remodeling their 1920’s house.

Jen Castile | Owner

Jen Castile

Jen is the heartbeat of Castile Kitchen & Bath. With a passion for renovation and an eye for detail, she understands the difference between done and done very well. After spending her childhood in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, Jen followed her dreams to Oregon, where she met her soon-to-be husband, Forrest. It wasn’t long before she found herself involved with our company’s projects, and began the process of remodeling their own home, a 1920’s bungalow in the heart of Eugene. Jen now runs the day-to-day business operations, and with more than 15 years of business management experience, she ensures that Castile Kitchen & Bath will be available to serve the Emerald Valley for years to come.

Jen and her husband Forrest have been married since 2008. They live with two kids, two birds, a dog and a cat. Jen enjoys gardening, baking, body building, hanging out with the kids, and long walks through Eugene’s diverse neighborhoods.

Carol-Ann Zurcher | Design Consultant


CarolAnn is one of Castile Kitchen & Bath’s design consultants. The beginning of your journey at Castile Kitchen & Bath begins with Carol-Ann, who will walk you through the entire design process from start to finish, ensuring Castile Kitchen & Bath is the right fit for you! Carol-Ann has worked in interior design and consulting since 2012 when she began a career for La-Z-Boy Furniture.  

Her passion, creativity, and love of learning differentiates her from others in her profession. Carol-Ann most enjoys the ability to be creative, work directly with clients, and have a constantly evolving career. The most rewarding part of her job includes the connections she makes with Castile’s clients. CarolAnns professionalism, confidence, and genuine caring attitude for the client, ensures they will have an enjoyable experience.  

Originally from Encinitas, California, Carol-Ann, her husband, and their growing family moved to Eugene in 2020. She spends her free time hiking, relaxing, swimming, reading, designing cards, and rocking out to the classics. A perfect day would involve good food, good company, flexible plans, and of course the outdoors. Growing up near San Diego, Carol-Ann has a deep love for the sand and the sun found on the beaches of California.  

Mariko Peters, ALA | Kitchen & Bath Designer

Mariko brings years of experience to her work as a designer for Castile Kitchen & Bath. Since obtaining her professional degree in Architecture from North Carolina State University, she has worked in architecture and the lighting industry. Before joining Castile Kitchen & Bath, Mariko served as a certified ALA lighting specialist.  

In her own words: “Everything has a life and offers an opportunity for design, from the smallest to the largest project. A commitment to design is a way of life”. Mariko brings this attention to detail and commitment to quality and excellence to every project she works on. She would be honored to have the opportunity to share her unique view and sense of design with you, the client.

Daryl Collins | Kitchen & Bath Designer


As a former fashion designer, Daryl joined Castile Kitchen & Bath as a kitchen and bath designer. Daryl originally worked in the fashion industry while living in South America, however, upon returning to Oregon she changed directions. Her favorite part of her job is the constant flow of knowledge. Each day Daryl is presented with new information and challenges that push her to become a better designer. She genuinely cares for each of Castile Kitchen & Baths clients and works diligently to present clients with options they will love to make their decisions easier. Daryl aims to turn the clients dreams into reality by designing a space that reflects their style. Inspired by her family, she seeks to design a functional space clients will love for years to come.   

Daryl has been married for 23 years to her high school sweetheart. Together they have three children and two cats. Originally from Portland, Daryl has moved 19 times, including two international relocations. After living in South America for ten years, Daryls family moved to Eugene. Daryl’s favorite movie is Wonder Woman, so it is no surprise that she has her own Wonder Woman collection! Outside of work she enjoys hiking, running, kayaking, spending time with her family, and enjoying drinks around a fire pit.  

Mac Wood | Design Assistant

Mac Wood of Castile Kitchen and Bath

Mac grew up in Charlottesville Virginia, moved to Boulder where he attended and graduated from the University of Colorado.  After graduating he was off to New Zealand for an adventure of a lifetime, he walked across New Zealand on the Te Araroa trail, this 1800 mile hike took him 6 months to complete.

Back from New Zealand, with a plan to attend the University of Oregon to obtain a masters degree in sustainable architecture, he relocated to Eugene. Mac’s drive and motivation lead him in the door of Castile Kitchen & Bath as he pursued work in construction industry, looking be be part of a reputable team. With a passion for design and architecture, an eye for detail, great spacial awareness he has become an asset to the Castile design team.

Mac enjoys connecting with friends, reading, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and he’s up for any adventure in the great outdoors.

Rich Barnes, CRPM, CLC | Production Manager

Rich Barnes

Rich grew up in Eureka California, attended College at Arizona State, moved to Washington and Michigan and finally settled with his family in Bend, Oregon. In 2006 he relocated to Eugene. Rich is a veteran of the construction industry. He shows remarkable and reliable intelligence on multiple aspects of any job he has been presented with!

Rich has two adult children, Derek and Raeann, who also live in Oregon. He loves to watch college sports, especially Ducks games as he is a huge fan. He enjoys grilling outdoors and considers himself a great cook. In his spare time, Rich will golf, kayak, bicycle and backpack; basically any activity he can do while outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Oregon he calls home.

Jesse Jones | Lead Carpenter

Jesse Jones

Jesse was visiting Oregon from his hometown of Inyokern in California with his family in 2012. Shortly after his visit, Oregon called him back and he decided to make a permanent home here with his family. Jesse has several years’ experience with various types of construction-related trades. Jesse came onboard with Castile Kitchen & Bath motivated and hit the ground running as the carpenter’s assistant, quickly rising to become a qualified carpenter. He brings to work an enthusiasm and drive, always prepared for whatever the day may bring!

Jesse and his wife Sheree have three boys: Jesse, Andrew and Mason. Jesse enjoys playing and watching sports as well as fishing and camping. While in Eugene, Jesse and his wife like to find new and fun places to eat, as well as go to both Ducks and Emeralds games.

Keith Leesman | Lead Carpenter

Keith, a second generation craftsman has been part of the construction industry for as long as he can remember. He is a life-long resident of Lane County, born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area. His father was a local home builder who operated in the area for over 50 years. At a young age Keith would find himself on job sites helping his dad and learning all that he could. Today he is a veteran in the construction industry, known for his quality craftsmanship and his patience and ability to teach the upcoming generation in our growing industry. Keith was one of Forrest Castile’s original mentors as he was just getting started in the remodeling industry.

Keith now calls Harrisburg, Oregon his home. He enjoys spending time working on his Koi pond, where you can find a variety of animals; fish, bullfrogs, and turtles, along with many native plants. He is an avid Oregon Ducks fan and the master at making jalapeño butter-injected, Cajun-rubbed, deep-fried turkey.

Jeremy Mixon | Carpenter


Jeremy represents Castile Kitchen & Bath as a carpenter. His interest in a carpentry career started at age eighteen while helping with a remodel project. He finds joy in working with his hands and creating spaces people enjoy. Jeremys ability to be humble, remain positive, and listen lends to his success in his trade. The most exciting part of his career is seeing the parts fit together perfectly. Before working for Castile Kitchen & Bath, Jeremy managed an organic fruit, vegetable, and beef farm in Southern Oregon. As a construction worker carpenter, he is motivated by the beauty of the final product and pride in his work.  

Originally from Joliet, Illinois, Jeremy and his wife Ashley moved to Southern Oregon many years ago to work on the farm. Jeremy and Ashley have three small children, a dog, cat, and rabbit. As a family man, Jeremys children can be described as his greatest accomplishment. Outside of his profession, he enjoys playing music, hiking, snowboarding, grilling, and reading. Jeremy plays the guitar and bass and enjoys rock nroll music.  

Scott Dye | Carpenter


Scott, a Salt Lake City native, serves as a carpenter for Castile Kitchen & Bath. Scott has been in his trade since 1996. With an interest in operating equipment, solving puzzles, and building, working for Castile Kitchen & Bath is the perfect fit for Scott. His ability to stay calm along with his optimistic attitude makes working with Scott an enjoyable experience. With a background ranging from customer service to underground mining and boom crane operator to diverse specialized trades; Scott is skilled in operating a variety of machines, tools, and equipment. Scott takes pride in watching the transformation from start to finish in each project.  

Scott enjoys going to the beach, gardening, eating at local restaurants, hiking, tennis, cycling, and any type of water activity. It is no surprise that his favorite season is summer! Although Scott likes roller coasters, they do not like him. Scott has three children of his own, along with two step children, seven grandchildren, and two dogs.  

Pete Hansen | Carpenter


Pete works as a carpenter for Castile Kitchen & Bath. Pete has been in the trade for over 40 years. Growing up on a cattle ranch provided a strong foundation for his love of wood working. During his time on the ranch he learned his trade through hands on experience while renovating old houses and helping friends with various projects. Pete is distinguished in his trade by his attention to detail. It is extremely important to Pete to get the job done right the first time. Making clients happy is his number one goal! Pete finds joy in a satisfied client who will love their new kitchen or bath for years to come.  

Pete has lived in Lane Country his entire life and graduated from the University of Oregon. Before working at Castile Kitchen & Bath he worked as a manager in the lumber department at Home Depot helping customers select the right wood for their project and teaching DIYers tips and tricks to finish their projects. Pete enjoys cooking, wood working projects, and working on computers.  

Nicholas (Nick) Lune | Carpenter


Nick joined Castile Kitchen & Bath as a carpenter and has been in the trade since 2009. His love of wood working brings him a deep satisfaction he has not found elsewhere. Nicks ability to think outside the box, adapt to new situations, and problem solve distinguishes him from others in the trade. His biggest success in carpentry has been working for glass artist, Dale Chihuly and the Seattle Art Museum. Nick takes great pride in his work and is willing to stand behind it. Before working as a carpenter Nick lived in Vietnam for 5 years, working as an ESL teacher for children and adults.  

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Nick and his wife moved to Eugene in 2021. As an outdoorsman, he enjoys all Oregon has to offer by hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Nick plays the alto saxophone and the clarinet and enjoys just about any genre of music. He enjoys traveling and describes Taiwan and Vietnam his favorite places he has visited.   

Kelli Martin | Office Manager


Kelli serves as the office manager for Castile Kitchen & Bath. With 26 years of experience in her field, Kelli has a strong work ethic, is dependable, and accommodating. Demonstrating a humble attitude Kelli aims to constantly grow and improve her knowledge of the company. The best part of her job is making a difference for those she works with. As a team player, Kelli strives to support the Castile Kitchen & Bath staff in a way that helps others be successful in all their projects.  

Kelli is native to Eugene and has settled here with her two daughters. Being a mother has been Kellis greatest accomplishment. During her free time Kelli loves to explore the beauty of Oregon by hiking, kayaking, camping, and catching a sunset at the beach. She also loves to play sports, host family and friends, cook, wood work, and check out garage sales. Although she isnt the best at playing billiards, she prides herself on her ability to consistently win ping pong matches 

Autumn Hopwood | Administrative Assistant


Autumn serves as an administrative assistant for Castile Kitchen & Bath. Autumn’s compassion, ability to build strong relationships, and go the extra mile sets her apart. She takes pride in helping others and enjoys a challenge. While Autumn has served as an administrative assistant in the past, most of her career has consisted of working with children in an educational setting. There she learned patience, perseverance, the ability to find joy in simple things, and to celebrate victories, no matter how small. Her biggest accomplishment to date is thru-hiking the entire length, 2,200 miles, of the Appalachian Trail in 2018.  

Born and raised in Missoula, Montana, Autumn moved to Eugene in 2020 with her husband and their two cats from Michigan. She came to enjoy all Oregons outdoors has to offer, as well as be closer to family. Terrified of living a mundane existence, Autumn tries to live each day to its fullest. When not working or going to school, Autumn enjoys traveling, backpacking, rock hounding, kayaking, reading, painting, and baking.  

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