Forrest Castile - Owner/UDCP

Forrest Castile

Forrest, a third generation craftsmen, has had a passion for building since he was a little boy. Born and raised in Oregon, he moved to Eugene in 1995. Forrest soon began working on many construction projects for his friends. In 1997, Forrest decided to start Castile Construction, Inc. His consistent strive for quality construction, high end craftsmanship and attention to detail, has allowed Forrest to produce beautiful work for his clients. As the years have gone by, Forrest has integrated the utmost importance of integrity and incomparable customer service within Castile Construction, Inc., creating a company known for quality while exceeding client expectations. In 2017 Forrest became a Universal Design Certified Professional through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Forrest and his wife Jen have been married since 2008, and now have small kids Ben and Emma. He enjoys spending time playing with his kiddos, hiking, running, racquetball and remodeling their 1920’s house.

Jen Castile - Owner/General Manager

Jen Castile

Jen is the heartbeat of Castile Construction, Inc. With a passion for renovation and an eye for detail, she understands the difference between done and done very well. After spending her childhood in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, Jen followed her dreams to Oregon, where she met her soon-to-be husband, Forrest. It wasn’t long before she found herself involved with our company’s projects, and began the process of remodeling their own home, a 1920’s bungalow in the heart of Eugene. Jen now runs the day-to-day business operations, and with more than 15 years of business management experience, she ensures that Castile Construction, Inc. will be available to serve the Emerald Valley for years to come.

Jen and her husband Forrest have been married since 2008. They live with two kids, two birds, a dog and a cat. Jen enjoys gardening, baking, body building, hanging out with the kids, and long walks through Eugene’s diverse neighborhoods.

Dustin Cherry - Project Manager

Dustin Cherry

Dustin, a lifelong Oregon resident, has always enjoyed carpentry. In his teens, he often found himself working along side his father in the family construction business. In 2003, he moved to Arizona to work for a custom home builder. Not long after he found himself back in Oregon, starting his own construction company. In 2014 he moved to Washington when he was given the opportunity to work for a well know custom home builder. After a few years, he felt that it was time to move back to his home state and settled in Springfield. He is now Castile Construction, Inc.’s Project Manager and approaches every job thoughtfully with a thorough plan and enjoys the challenges that home remodels often present.

Dustin adores his family of 7: Wife, Laura, 5 children Trenton, Joseph, Porter, John and Eliza as well as his red/blue Heeler Lola. Dustin enjoys watching comedy movies from the ‘90s, as well as a good ol’ Ducks Football Game. Dustin frequently attends concerts and shows in Eugene yet people would be surprised that he is a Karaoke King!

Rich Barnes - Carpenter

Rich Barnes

Rich grew up in Eureka California, attended College at Arizona State, moved to Washington and Michigan and finally settled with his family in Bend, Oregon. In 2006 he relocated to Eugene. Rich is a veteran of the construction industry. He shows remarkable and reliable intelligence on multiple aspects of any job he has been presented with!

Rich has two adult children, Derek and Raeann, who also live in Oregon. He loves to watch college sports, especially Ducks games as he is a huge fan. He enjoys grilling outdoors and considers himself a great cook. In his spare time, Rich will golf, kayak, bicycle and backpack; Basically any activity he can do while outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Oregon he calls home.

Rodney Thompson - Carpenter

Rodney Thompson

Rodney’s hometown is the Sutherlin/Roseburg area, he moved to Corvallis briefly before settling in Eugene in early 2017. He is skilled in several trades of construction ranging from excavation and concrete work to framing, drywall and painting. Rodney is very meticulous and implements his careful thinking and planning into all aspects of his work.

Rodney is married to Ashley and they have three children: EvaLee, KayeAuna and Natalya. Rodney likes to hike local walking trails with all of them in tow! People would never guess on first impression that he frequents antique shops, attends auctions and estate sales and even enjoys finding a cool item at local thrift stores. After a hard day of shopping, he likes to relax by watching action and historical movies as well as Motocross and Baseball games.

Jesse Jones - Carpenters Assistant

Jesse Jones

Jesse was visiting Oregon from his hometown of Inyokem in California with his family in 2012. Shortly after his visit, Oregon called him back and he decided to make a permanent home here with his family. Jesse has several years’ experience with various types of construction-related trades. Jesse came on board with Castile Construction, Inc. motivated and hit the ground running as the carpenter’s assistant. He is the support star for the carpentry team and is always prepared for whatever the day may bring!

Jesse and his wife Shree have 3 boys: Jesse, Andrew and Mason. Jesse enjoys playing and watching sports as well as fishing and camping. While in Eugene, Jesse and his wife like to find new and fun places to eat, as well as go to both Ducks and Emeralds games.

Josh Shaw - Carpenter

Josh Shaw

Josh grew up on job sites with his father, watching and learning from frame to finish. As an adult, he moved to Hawaii to drill geothermal wells, but soon found himself coming back to the construction industry and the wood and iron work that he loves. Josh is an artist, an expert craftsman and finish carpenter. He brings a lot of energy to his work because he has such a passion for what he does!

Josh has been on a long road to settling down with his family in Eugene from moving to Yosemite and Hawaii and several other states. However, he has always loved Oregon and wanted his family to be raised here so he made it happen! His family includes his wife April and two children Noah and Cali Jane, two dogs, a couple of cats and a pet snake named Striker. His hidden talents are tattoo artistry as well as painting. In his spare time he loves to be outdoors, whether it be trap shooting, hunting, fishing or just getting away from it all with his family.

Shawn Mikel - Carpenter

Shawn Mikel

Shawn comes from a military background, having served several years in the U.S. Marine Corps crewing helicopters. After finishing his service he returned home to Oregon, where he spent the next several years building homes, and another equal amount of time in commercial construction. Shawn is very loyal, dedicated, level-headed and highly invested in learning and growing in the finish carpentry trade. We welcomed Shawn to the Castile Construction, Inc. team in May of 2017.

Shawn hails from Springfield, Oregon and has been here most of his life. He has a family that consists of two awesome adult daughters and a grandson who he loves very much. He is happiest when the seasons start to change from summer to fall because the leaves start to change colors as well as the peace and quiet during that time of year. Shawn is a big John Wayne fan and you can catch him watching Westerns as well as sci-fi space movies. His favorite meal is Pork chops with mushroom gravy, cauliflower and sweet potatoes, yum!

Ben Williams - Carpenter

Ben Williams

Ben comes to us from California bringing with him a long history of work in the trades. He is well versed in many aspects of construction including framing, ironwork, hi-rise construction, roofing and painting. He’s nicknamed “ The Brush” because of the high-level of detail and precision he has when wielding a paintbrush! Ben is an asset to the team when it comes down to the fine details of any task he’s given. We welcomed Ben to the team in late 2017.

Ben was drawn to Oregon for the array of outdoor activities and the beauty this state offers. He loves to play guitar, work on art projects, kayak, fish, and camp. He owns a beautiful red-wing parakeet whom he adores and keeps him company.

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